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i love you like saturdays

calling you my better days

my homey days

my happy days

thanking you for brighter days

slipping in and out of you like patterned ways

like destined heartbreaks

some days it’s just “okays”

off balance on your rough terrain

always crashing into each other like constant waves

i always tried so hard to find us any waterways

begging for you to stay- what a waste

but there were none, you just watched me stumble and forget my lines for you like a character in your favorite play

and i craved something new, different from all i knew, escape from your constant fey

but you moisturized my skin like ocean spray

warmed me up like the first sip of coffee and nostalgia in a vintage cafe

you always said you liked the way i frayed

as if for you, i laid

like wildflowers in a vase, an uncontrollable bouquet

but you said it like it was memorized, like lyrics you made

embedded in your brain that will never go away

constantly on replay

like every single cliche

and our summer days soon washed away

like disappearing sunrays

and nights on Sunday's

forgetting all my today’s

because I’m still stuck in all our yesterdays

where you still remained

but now after you, in my after days

no longer captivated by your hoaxing daze no longer stuck playing your hocus-pocus of a game

there we lay in what i now name

my saddest days

my colder days

my rainy days

my lonesome days

my replenished days

my never finished days

my better days

wishing you never came

so i could forget you like a friend you said you’d never betray

so i wouldn’t obsess over what could have been, like how much i weigh

never want you like Monday’s

never long at dawn, awaiting for you like Friday’s

never go back to you nightly, like paradise bays

as if it pays to call out your name

getting lost in your inescapable maze

but now i must leave this sublime phase

forget your lying face

only relish in evoking saudade

now reflecting in my autumn days

letting go of what once were, our days

-i no longer count the days

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