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sail away

in latter-days/my hair pinned back in lilac berets/and here i lay in golden fields, admiring the tree branches as they sway/ gathering wildflowers into a vivaceous boquet/ watching over the cliff side, now upon my stomach, humbled on this gracious land, chin rested on my hands/ as my childhood pain dtifts away/ i ponder as that ship sails, my precious ship, my lfe before, how long it took me to let it go, to leave the shore, knowing all to well i had to toss myself adrift, its the only way i’ll ever soar/ i needed to learn to walk the line while still staying sublime/ the wind blows my hair as she sets sail, everything i once was, everything i once loved, everything i knew to be true gently slipping out of view/ never forgotten but only forgiven/ my soul ablaze as the sunset drips into my gaze/ long live the innocent little girl who loved her hair tied back in braids/ i’ll always remember you/ i’ll always feel you/ you will always be the biggest part of me/ always be the one who formed the heart in me/ enjoy the sea im fullfilling your dreams/ its okay to be free/ youll always be me/ we’ve braved the waves/ lived within the caves/ say goodbye to all that came/ no time left to be afraid/ we now have our life to reclaim/ just without all that shame/ you were always falsly blammed/ and now im ready to be saved/ so i must take the time/ i must take the space/ in harmonious escape/ all alone to take care of you/ to admire how we bloom/ to listen to how we must be healed/ slowley taking down that shield/ hapiness i then became/ in my sweet fullfilling casteaway.

-beautiful little girl, you’re now in my hand’s, we will forever lay the plans, musn’t let our tender heart go, but only flourish and grow

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