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I beacon you

A young broken poets heart cracked open for all to see

Souls of aching pain.

Hopelessly drained.

Faces stained.

Forever slained.

Our bodies laid.

Our shattered hearts we long to trade.

Come tread these roaring waters of life and love with me.

Drown your hearts in melancholic fairytales with me.

Fall gracefully into the arms of pain demanding to be felt with me.

Bask in the warmth of soft-spoken, silently loud poetry.

Dreamers and fearers welcome to my mad, luminous wonderland.

Stay awhile.

Feel my trials.

It'll be worth your while.

Dont stay in exile.

Bleeding across that cold hard tile.

Alone and afraid was where I found my tame.

Alone and afraid was where I found no shame.

On pages, I found freedom within the chains.

On pages, it's okay to be lost.

On pages, live those memories I forgot.

Keep finding versions of yourself in every word, in every story, in every feeling.

Please don't hesitate to begin again.

Brand new shades of you.

Tired and true.

I welcome you.

To my cries of blues.

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