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for you, miss

i hope you know how innocent you are in all of this

i hope you say goodbye to all the guilt and shame with a simple kiss

because my dear, you never deserved any of this

you never caused any of this, you never wanted a life like this

and yes, i know how much you do love to reminisce

but its time to call it quits on allowing them to mark their territory on you like piss

you mustn't continue this - you must stop taking the blame for this

trust me, i know how hard this hits

but please call it quits on letting them enjoy lying about you, end them with a stunning twist

they cant continue to be something you miss

because my dear, you will soon become something they miss

and while they are all out there throwing cawardice fits

you will finally be living a life in pure shimmering bliss

. . .

- it all begins and ends with a simple kiss

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