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First butterfly accolade!!

"First Butterfly accolade!!

I don't know if this is wired so sorry it is but, I've spent an hour reading your poetry, and it brought me to tears and moved me, I just wanted to say you are literally the strongest person I know and not only that but incredibly gifted and talented. like genuinely, your writing skills are extraordinary."

-Allyson Rodgers // the sweetest heart and soul you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting and knowing. The type of girl you want your daughter to be, the type of girl you dream of being, a bright ray of sunshine, and kindness. Love pours out of her so freely and so endlessly like a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall, so peaceful, so genuine, so pure and second nature. thank you immensely from the bottom to the top of my heart for the absolute sweetest accolade I've ever received. - yes, I cried when reading it. . .

Ps: NEVER is it ever wired!! I am forever honored and feel undeserving when someone takes time to read just one word of mine, let alone give compliments to me; I cherish it forever.

-from my heart to yours truly,


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