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Le Bleu

I want you

in shades of bleu

you showed me new

you showed me proof

when I was aloof

you gave me a clue

blurry but bleu

boo me with bleu

shades you taste and chew

shades you brew

shades you outgrew

shades you passed through

shades you broke through

shades that gave the cue

shades that left dew

shades of dominant hue

shades only you knew

shades that gave you rue

shades that you spew

shades you survived through

shades you collapsed into

shades you outrun, whew

shades you woo

shades you accrue

shades you made anew

shades just a few

you see deja vu

shades you breeze through

shades you overdo

shades you bring to

broad view

the ones you bull through

shades on your waters in your canoe

shades you cling to

shades you are close to

shades you cant construe

shades you cut to

to cut through

shades your'e deaf to

immune to

shades, those, amuse you

you've made your debut

shades we lay upon made of fescue

shades that drip whimsey fondue

I cant wait to get to

how will I get through

I don't know how to

please soak me in your imbue

your shades I fall into

you're so close to being in view

I assume I'll make do

missing you

you know this you do

im new to

but I ought to

try and chase you

for I am untrue

without you

I don't want to miscue

but you know me too

us apart creates mildew

this we cant redo

we must pull through

soak through

meet in our highlighted rendezvous

sail through

ride the wind like sea mew

slice through as we speak to

us we must subdue

stamped me like a tattoo

with your shades so see though

tired and true

im not used to

you are not used to

but still

like a flower

they appeal to

we are purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds we are a wahoo

ill attend to you your my only avenue

I promise you

I will carry through

will you

follow through

dive into

live up to

look up to

like skies of bleu

they excite you

intimidate you

you taste like baby bleu honeydew

your point of view

I matter to

im like your unearned revenue

my muse is bleu

my heart once blush has added bleu

space for you

we make lilac

me and you

always be you

my beloved stay true

forever bleu

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