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I was fragile, I was easy, and I was innocent. You were the vicious huntsman and I was your perfect prey. I was pretty to your malicious mind, perfectly wrapped for your destruction, I was pure and you loved it. I was generous and you lived for that, I was young and you loved the dominance. I was gentle and you loved how easy it was to hurt me into submission. I was bright and you took the light from my eyes. I was soft until you sharpened my edges, I was smooth until you cracked me open and pulled everything out. I was such a pushover that you got your way every time, without ever trying. You fell involve with the care and the tenderness I gave you, that you always craved, but never got, you fell involve with the brightness I brought to your life, you fell involve with the kindness I showed you even when you were screaming your lungs out at me ripping me to shreds. You fell involve with the selfless love I gave you, you fell involve with the purity of my heart and mind. I was the good in your darkened, cruel reality in which you harbored. You didn't know what love was before me, you were hungry for something to own, something to control, something that you didn't have to care for in return, but would always be there for you and tend to your needs. You wanted me so tightly wrapped around your vengeful fingers, you wanted my obedience, and so you got it. You snapped me like a pencil, you snapped me like a stick over and over and over again. everyday, every hour, every minute, you snapped me in half for fun, and only when you were bored would you come to me for something more than a punching bag. You crushed me so easily, so swiftly, so aggressively like a bug under your shoe. And I pulled myself back together for you every time, I picked my own pieces up, I mended myself for you and after you drained me completely you threw me away like a used tissue. See you called tearing me apart love, you convinced me that the agonizing pain you caused me was what love felt like, you taught me I deserved it, you taught me how to live without someone loving you back or someone caring for you in return. You taught me that nobody could ever want me that nobody could love me, that nobody saw me, you hid me away like a stolen object, you covered me up like a flaw, and you locked me up like a prisoner. You didn't see me you never have, you didn't see my soul, I was invisible to you, the only thing you saw was what you could get from me, not what was inside that you could love. you didn't care about who I was, you didn't care about my hopes and dreams, you didn't care about my pain or happiness, you never wanted to explore my beauty, you never wanted to know me you just wanted to own me. you never wanted to love me you just wanted the love I could give you, the attention I would pay you, and the time id spend on you. And see you never fell involve with me, how could you? I was too good for you and the only person you saw and loved was yourself. No, you fell involve with the feelings my love gave you. You fell for everything I had, and like a stolen gem you stole it all away from me. leaving me with nothing, leaving me with a hollowed out, empty, lifeless corpse. You wanted my virtue, but you took something more valuable and more deeper than that, you took something I can never get back, you took everything I was, you robbed me of my very essence. you took my innocence.

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