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growing in me

Sunshine gleaming through a broken window, onto the most delicate, crumbled up, and fragile flower. Rain drops falling quietly from the abrupt storms of my undying desires. packed up in a simple pure white cloud, held together only by that of a single conspicuous ribbon. Look closely and you will find the marvelous constellations which you have arranged together so flawlessly to mirror your exact image in my heart. Smell deep within my soul the delightful aroma of the most glorious flowers you will ever lay your honest eyes upon. The flowers planted by your unconditional mesmerizing love. A perfect illustration of beauty at its finest. I look upon the sunrise which goes down each night more captivating than the night before. With wondrous and wishful eyes i dream of the moment when your plentiful waters will fall upon my fading and melancholy flowers which you have grown within me. I dream of when my thirst for you will be satisfied by your love once again. For like the sun and the moon, I only glow at night when reflected off of you, and though i might not be with you during the day. My stars await the night for when they can shine your love once again.

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