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Pain is cold, it wipes out everything in its path without any mercy. It shortens your breath, taking every last piece of happiness you have.

You're sitting upon the flowers of your own secret garden when a cold silent gush of wind hits your cheek, brushes past your ears and rushes through your hair, leaving you utterly taken aback by its violent delights of freedom. The sun shines upon your shoulders, warms your neck and takes rest within your chest. Leaning your head back you find it instinct to enjoy the nature which surrounds you endlessly, the only thing that seems as complicatedly beautiful as your mind. A drop of cold water lands upon your shut eyelids, a chilling end to the life giving sunshine. More and more drops come falling down upon your fragile skin, a loud thundering noise vibrates the ground around you silencing every thought inside your head. Something strikes across the sky, a violent powerful sight of lightning, followed by more stunning freezing rain. The day begins to wash off your body streaming down your soft cold skin, the night begins to fade into view taking the light captive within your eyes. The pouring rain is much too heavy for these flowers to bare so down they go drowning, along with them you too go drowning filling up with water unable to breathe, for there are rain clouds within your soul that never cease.

You're sitting upon the hopes of your own state of mind, your own sane desires and thoughts when a cold silent doubt hits your cheek, brushes past your ears and rushes through your hair.

Goodbye wonderment

Hello insurmountable.

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