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Hello, my name is Chloe Marie and I'm a young hopeless romantic. A dreamer of fairytale's completely aware of nightmare realities. I lived in one my whole life. Still awaiting that mystical, pure, imperfect, fairytale ending. Let me know if you find it here.

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I am a survivor of many things: rape, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, words of abuse, child abuse, sexual child abuse, physical abuse, all kinds of abuse. I've gone through intense, violent, and unfathomable amounts of trauma, I suffer from PTSD and panic attacks. I've experienced this my whole life, since day one. Severe depression, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD are friends of mine that reside in all my safest places. They take harbor within my soul, always have, always will, life without them is unimaginable. A beautiful wishful dream.

So here, in the now I pour out all my emotions and feelings. Every single one that I was trained not to notice or feel. So i implore you to read with forgiveness and trust, read knowing there are challenges I've gone through that will shock you, things i can't even believe most times or even begin to understand. So please don't read my soul painted across these pages lightly. It takes everything in me to reveal the parts of me that I never could let free. I'm still learning, so I humbly ask of you, read with grace and watch it delicately develop into a beautifully tragic story.

                                             -my heart to yours truly





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